Must-Have Beach Vacation Packing List for Perfect Getaway

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Are you planning a beach trip and need to know what items to pack? You are not alone; I have been in the same situation before. That said, I have compiled a comprehensive beach vacation packing list covering all the essentials for your time at the beach. 

We also have a general travel packing list for ages 1 to 99, seniors, and people with disability. If you want a free printable packing list for beach vacation, download the fillable travel packing list from the link previously mentioned.


Beach Vacation Packing List


1. Beach or Swim Wear:


Swimwear is one of the most essential amongst beach vacation packing lists to carry to the beach. For men and boys, swim trunks or shorts, while women and girls can choose from a wide range of swimwear, i.e., bikinis, monokini, tankini, swim shorts, and swim covers. 


2. Sun Protection Essentials:


Essentials for this beach vacation packing list can be divided into the following categories:

  • Sunscreen, sunblock, or sun scream: for people with sensitive skin, It is crucial to pack sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Coverups: if you are not using sunscreen, a coverup, i.e., a beach dress, can help to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Sunglasses: if you are going to a sunny destination, sunglasses are needed.
  • Hats: depending on your style, a face cap or wide-brim hat can protect the face and neck areas.


3. Footwears


Another essential to pack for your beach vacation are flip flops, sandals, or slip-on sneakers. Take various styles of beach wear with you if possible because your hotel or resort’s restaurant may require a sandal or slip-on sneakers for dining. 

While I was vacationing in Punta Cana, one of the restaurants in my resort had a dress code (collar shirts, pants, and covered shoes).


5. Beach Accessories


Essentials for this beach vacation packing list can be divided into the following categories:

  • Beach bag: depending on the type of accommodation you are staying. You may not need to pack a tote or beach bag. For example, suppose you are staying in an al inclusive resort. In that case, it is part of the amenities provided in your room. However, that may be different for hotels and Airbnb accommodations.
  • Beach towel: same as a beach bag. Depending on your accommodation, you may or may not need to pack them.
  • Blanket or mat: this can serve different purposes, i.e., to cover, seat, or sleep on. However the case may be, they come in handy.


6. Entertainment


  • Books or eBook Readers: Other beach essentials in the beach vacation packing lists to pack are your favorite books, novels, or eBook readers for those who love to read. 
  • Headphones: if you would rather listen to your favorite audiobook or like listening to music, pack headphones or earphones 
  • Games: if you are traveling in groups or with your couple, packing a board game, volleyball, frisbee, etc., for fun activities is worth it.


beach vacation packing list


Bonus: Miscellaneous


Though the following beach vacation packing list is not directly related to the ultimate beach vacation packing list, as enumerated above, they are also essential items for your beach vacation.

  • Travel documents: passports, itinerary, boarding passes, driver’s license
  • Cash, credit, or debit cards: you may need some money (cash) for tips or payment for beachside services or vendors, i.e., massage and souvenirs.
  • Camera or GoPro: this may be an optional item in some people’s beach vacation packing list. However, others may consider it necessary.
  • Reusable straw: if you care about the environment like me, then packing reusable straws is necessary to reduce plastic waste and prevent harm to marine life and the ecosystem.
  • Medication and first aid kit: medical bracelets (if required), painkillers, antiseptic wipes, bandages, and prescription medications are also essential items on the beach vacation packing list for some people.
  • Swim Diapers and wipes: if you are traveling with a baby.
  • Sand toys: if traveling with kids


Wrapping up


With this beach vacation packing list, you are prepared and on your way to having a memorable beach vacation. Happy Beach vacation!